There is no substitute for talent & experience.

Every person is unique and has some things they are good at, and some things they are not.  That’s just a fact of life. To become a professional athlete, a person needs two things.  First, they need to spend a lot of time training and learning the game.  That’s experience.  Second, they have to have been born with the ability to perform at the highest level.   That’s talent.  While a person can be an OK player with just talent or experience, they will never reach the highest level without both.

Software development, analyzing business, and managing people and projects are no different.  Two people with the exact same training and level of experience can have vastly different levels of actual skill and ability to deliver.  While two resources may look identical on paper, in reality they will typically have very different levels of performance.  Some people will be an expert at a skill after getting six months of experience with it.  Others will never become an expert, even with decades of experience.

Since IT has existed, companies have tried to find ways around this universal truth.  Good people are hard to find.  Great people are very hard to find.  In any organization, there are usually a handful of people who have both inborn talent and the right experience.  They stand out, as they make what they do look effortless and quickly become the go-to people in the organization.

We are experts at attracting talent and experience, and that’s what sets us apart from our competition.

Our consultants are standout performers.  How do we know they’re the best of the best?  Most of the consultants who represent us are people we’ve known for over a decade.  They are the top of their peer group. We not only understand their technical skills, but also how they work and what environments and company cultures maximize their ability to perform.

When we need to recruit outside our core services to fill a position, potential candidates go through a thorough interviewing process.  But more importantly we are able to leverage our network to get real references from people we know and trust.  Professionally, it’s hard to find very many people with less than two degrees of separation.  Someone may look good on paper and have all the right answers, but getting the straight scoop from people we know and trust ensures that each person who represents us meets our very high standards.

For our clients, this means you can be assured that the consultants you get from us are the best available.  They’re truly professionals.