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Founded by Tammie Berghuis and Peter Hunt in 2008, Berghuis & Hunt quickly became one of the largest boutique Oracle Applications consulting companies in Minnesota. While we are still considered the go-to company in Minnesota for Oracle ERP, as our company has grown so have our service offerings. Today we provide program leadership technical and functional consulting services to support our clients’ digital transformation efforts. When you’re implementing packaged software or cloud-based solutions, and want to integrate it all together, Berghuis & Hunt can provide trusted, experienced, and knowledgeable technical and functional consultants to supplement your resources.

Peter Hunt

Peter Hunt

Peter has worked in consulting since 1998. Over the years, he has garnered the reputation for being a great listener and providing effective solutions to his clients. Peter has built a large network over the years, his ability to leverage this network is what sets him apart from his peers. It allows him to match consultants with clients not only from a skills and experience perspective, but also taking into account company cultures, management styles, work styles and personalities.

In 2002, Peter started Hunt Professional Services. This was right after the dotcom bust and in the middle of a significant recession in the tech industry. It was at this time that he first met Tammie Berghuis, who was the Executive Director of IT at Valspar. Tammie needed an economical solution to upgrade their Oracle ERP Software


After meeting with Valspar, Peter assembled a team of consultants to provide Valspar the expertise on 11i that they lacked in-house. The project was completed in six months and led to Valspar rolling out 11i across their enterprise. 

Peter founded Berghuis & Hunt, Inc. with Tammie Berghuis in 2009. Initially Berghuis & Hunt was focused on the local market and Oracle ERP implementation. Over the years, we’ve expanded nationally and become a trusted advisor to our clients when they need assistance with any type of third party software integration or digital transformation.  

Peter Young

Director of Sales

Peter Young

Peter’s extensive experience in the IT consulting industry spans over 25 years of selling and delivering for Global and Minnesota based IT consulting firms. During that time, he has developed the reputation for delivering the right IT solution or consultant for his customers by actively listening to understand the business requirements and culture, ensuring the IT service solves the customer’s specific challenges. Peter’s extensive experience serving clients across a broad spectrum of sizes and industries reflects his adaptability and expertise in addressing diverse needs and challenges. From Fortune 100 companies to mid-market enterprises and small businesses, Peter has demonstrated his ability to tailor IT consulting services to meet the specific requirements of each client, regardless of their size or industry. These IT consulting services include enterprise software (Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Workday), Program and Project Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, IT outsourcing and commercial software development.

Peter began leading, selling and delivering professional services in 1994 when he was the upper Midwest region manager for an agriculture services firm. There he was responsible for selling, recruiting, building and leading the business operations of 1000 seasonal labor employees across 5 states. To be successful in delivering professional services, Peter learned early in his career that it is critical to “find the right person the first time”, especially with seasonal management and labor. Peter was seeking a more dynamic services industry so he jumped into Information Technology in 1996 as an Account Manager at Talent Software Services, a Minneapolis based consulting firm that focused on Oracle ERP, Database, Custom Development, and BI consulting. This is where he met Peter Hunt.

When Peter Hunt met Peter Young at Talent Software Services, they soon realized that they had a couple of things in common: a commitment to customer service and the need to truly understand the details of how business and technology really work.

Said Peter Hunt, “When I first started recruiting, Peter Young would always ask me a ton of questions about each candidate I presented. When other sales reps just wanted to get any sort of resume in front of a client, Peter was emphatic that the candidates he presented to his customers really were the right fit. When I didn’t know the answers to his questions, Peter would make me go back and get them before he’d send the resume on to the client. He always understood not only the technology needs of his customers, but the business needs that were driving them.”

When Berghuis & Hunt needed to hire their first dedicated Account Manager in 2013, it was a big decision. There are many sales people in the IT consulting industry who float around from company to company just trying to make a quick buck. That doesn’t work for a company that focuses on building relationships that span decades. We needed to find someone who had the same core values as Peter Hunt and Tammie Berghuis. Peter has since been promoted to lead sales for Berghuis & Hunt by following the mantra of the firm: fully understand the needs of your client, find the right person with the skills and personality to fit that organization’s needs, and continue to follow through on customer service for the long term.

Meghan Stiling

Meghan Stiling

With a career spanning over two decades, Meghan Stiling is a leader of digital transformation and strategic operations. Her expertise is rooted in delivering transformative solutions across diverse sectors including retail, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing. At Berghuis & Hunt, Meghan spearheads our service and consulting strategies in ERP implementations, data integration, and digital transformation, aligning our operations with the evolving needs of our clients.

Meghan’s approach to leadership is characterized by her empathy, commitment to continuous improvement, and a knack for fostering strong, enduring relationships across all levels of an organization. She excels in building high-performing global teams, driving innovation, and implementing strategic solutions that navigate complex challenges. Her efforts are geared towards not just meeting but exceeding client expectations through sustainable change management.

Vice President of Strategy and Operations

An advocate for lifelong learning, Meghan brings a unique blend of technical acuity and business insight, enabling her to solve intricate customer challenges with creativity and precision. Her leadership is not just about achieving targets but also about instilling a culture of fun, creativity, and proactive problem-solving.

At Berghuis & Hunt, Meghan is dedicated to nurturing a culture where innovation thrives, and solutions are not just effective but also forward-thinking, ensuring that we continue to be a trusted advisor and partner in the ever-changing landscape of digital transformation.

Lori Sand

Senior Recruiter

Lori Sand

Lori started her career in 1981 working in Cost Accounting at Rosemount Aerospace. In 1995 she was tapped to be the SME for the Oracle implementation. Shortly after go-live she moved into the plant and worked as a Production Planner for two product lines at the Eagan facility. In 1998 Lori left to start a consulting career at Orion Consulting and worked as a functional analyst in the Inventory, Purchasing, WIP, BOM, Master Scheduling, OM, and Shipping areas of businesses. She later left consulting and obtained her MN Real Estate license, selling until 2008 when she jumped back into IT as a functional Analyst at ShopNBC. At ShopNBC she supported not only Oracle apps, but also worked with the POS team supporting the Website and IVR, Agent Call Routing/ Agent experience in both Avaya and Genesys, as well as Salesforce implementation and enhancements in Sales and Service Cloud.

She worked there until January of 2020. Lori went back into consulting working for Berghuis and Hunt. Peter Hunt asked her to move into a Recruiter role, which started in January 2022.

Having work in IT for most of her career, she understands what IT professionals do day in and day out, and what makes them good at their jobs. Lori strives to find the best consultant for the role presented and prides herself with always looking for someone that she would enjoy having by her side as a co-worker herself.

Tammie Berghuis

Tammie Berghuis

Tammie began her career in 1984 at Nielsen Marketing Research where she built and maintained data warehouses containing point of sale information for a variety of consumer packaged goods manufacturers. She continued gaining additional expertise in the data warehousing market when she joined Prodea Software in 1991. Prodea provided data warehousing software and services that allowed manufacturers to link their internal sales and inventory information with external point of sale information.

Tammie began her consulting experience as a Project Manager for US Satellite Broadcasting in 1994. This allowed her to expand into operational support for Financial, Marketing and Sales consumers of information. She joined the Fourth Shift ERP software company in 1996 to assist them with building a data warehouse product for their developing Objects message bus ERP system.

President Emeritus

In 1998, she joined Valspar Corporation as the data warehouse Project Manager. Within a couple of years, she was involved in their large Oracle ERP implementations. When Tammie left Valspar in 2007 as Executive Director of IT, she was managing the global IT organization and was responsible for a $25+ million dollar budget. She was an active Oracle advocate both within Valspar and outside the company. Tammie partnered with the Oracle Process Manufacturing software development team to build a “make to order” application for process manufacturers. She also actively participated in Oracle Customer Advisory Boards and Special Interest Groups, and presented at several of Oracle’s user group meetings.

Tammie met Peter Hunt while she was at Valspar. Peter provided her with some of the best consultants available in the local market to assist in the global rollout of Oracle’s 11i applications. They founded Berghuis & Hunt, Inc. in 2009 and the rest is history.