Program Leadership

Program Leadership

Program Leadership * Program Realignment * Business Goal Realization

Large-Scale Business and Digital Transformation programs can help companies grow their businesses to new highs. If not properly structured and led, they can also consume incredible amounts of capital and cause major business disruptions.  

Each of our Program Consultants has a unique set of experiences that include Program Management, Project Management, and Executive Management. These are people with decades of business and IT experience who have survived and thrived in multiple industries and roles. They have strategic vision and the ability to tactically execute. They work at a high level, while not losing track of the details. So whether you’re at the beginning stages of Program Initiation, or have already started down the path, Berghuis & Hunt can help ensure your program’s success.


By listening, observing, and assessing, our Program Consultants partner with a Sr. Leader or Leadership Team to develop a realistic plan to achieve business objectives. These plans consider each company’s unique operational and business models. Using a consistent process, they create a path where none exists and ensure that each team member understands where they fit into that process. The result is an aggressive, yet realistic plan that covers not just implementation, but also long-term support.