Delivery obsessed veteran free agents who elevate your team’s ability to execute.

When implementing enterprise software, you need to have a partner who’s on your side.

Unique Alignment + Unparalleled Transparency =
Unmatched Value.

Our vision doesn’t revolve around becoming the largest firm or chasing rapid growth. Instead, we concentrate on a select group of clients facing substantial challenges. This approach allows us to align closely with our clients’ specific business challenges, and deploy our most talented individuals to address them. The relationships with our clients and consultants often span decades.

Our unparalleled transparency means that we openly share precise bill rates and margins with both our clients and consulting team. This transparency enables us to offer our clients the finest people and the best return on their investment.

The more complex the problem the more value we deliver. We are the glue that ensures there are no gaps among teams. And that translates into project success.

If you’re interested in learning more about us and potentially becoming one of the next 4-5 clients we plan to add over the next 12 months, we’d be delighted to meet with you.

Berghuis & Hunt has the resources to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

System Integrators are a good solution and can fast-track your implementation, but they’re never a complete solution. Every agreement with a system integrator has a list of assumptions and exclusions. These items are the responsibility of the customer. While a lot of it may seem trivial in the beginning, it can be 25-50% of the total effort of the project. Most companies hire integrators because they lack the staff to complete the project on their own. Their employees are already busy with day-to-day jobs keeping the business running, and production issues usually get priority over new project work. Not anticipating and addressing this can lead to project delays, cost overage, and lower quality final product.

Berghuis & Hunt wraps around the client and integrator, filling in the gaps. We typically start with a Program Manager working with you to confirm you’re set up to achieve program goals and identify gaps in coverage. We will ensure you have a methodology and project structure in place that fits your business. From there, we supply Consultants in key roles who act as an extension of your staff. This can include process and requirements definition, creation of user stories and epics, test script and test case creation, test planning and leadership, technical oversite, data conversion, API development, and post go-live support. And most importantly, we don’t compete with your integrator. We work with them to make sure your program is successful.

Leadership. Experience.
Talent. Knowledge.

We don’t hire just anybody. There are several things that set Berghuis & Hunt Consultants apart from their peers. The number one trait we look for is leadership.  No matter what the position, we hire talented people with strong leadership skills. Our consultants leverage their knowledge and experience to bring a commonsense approach to problem solving and process. They are delivery focused and have a sense of urgency. They want to win. Winning means completing your projects successfully. 

What Sets Us Apart

Every person is unique and has some things they are good at and some things they are not. That’s just a fact of life. To become a professional athlete, a person needs two things. First, they need to spend a lot of time training and learning the game. That’s experience. Second, they have to have been born with the ability to perform at the highest level. That’s talent. While a person can be an OK player with just talent or experience, they will never reach the highest level without both.

Software development, analyzing business, and managing people and projects are no different. Two people with the exact same training and level of experience can have vastly different levels of actual skill and ability to deliver. While two resources may look identical on paper, in reality they will typically have very different levels of performance. Some people will be an expert at a skill after getting six months of experience with it. Others will never become an expert, even with decades of experience.

Since IT has existed, companies have tried to find ways around this universal truth. Good people are hard to find. Great people are very hard to find. In any organization, there are usually a handful of people who have both inborn talent and the right experience. They stand out, as they make what they do look effortless and quickly become the go-to people in the organization.

We are experts at attracting talent and experience, and that’s what sets us apart from our competition.

Our consultants are standout performers. How do we know they’re the best of the best? Most of the consultants who represent us are people we’ve known for over a decade. They are at the top of their peer group. We not only understand their technical skills, but also how they work, and what environments and company cultures maximize their ability to perform.

When we need to recruit outside our core services to fill a position, potential candidates go through a thorough interviewing process. But more importantly, we are able to leverage our network to get real references from people we know and trust. Professionally, it’s hard to find very many people with less than two degrees of separation.

For our clients, this means you can be assured that the consultants you get from us are the best available. They’re truly professionals.