We don’t have to get married,

but we are into long-term relationships.

(How’s that for full disclosure?)

Benefits of long-term relationships.

Most of our clients today have worked with us since the start of our business. Many of these relationships predate the inception of Berghuis & Hunt. Building long-term relationships has many benefits to both the client and to us.

Our clients have come to know that when they need a resource, in short order we will have a resource that fits their functional and technical requirements, has the business knowledge they need, and is a fit for their culture. We understand your budget constraints and make every effort to work within that allowance. A long-term relationship allows us the opportunity to get to know a great deal about your business, your objectives, your struggles, and how you operate on a day-to-day basis. This makes it easy to match the best resource to each opportunity.

We have worked with many of our consultants for up to 20 years. They are like family to us. We care about their daily lives, their families, the issues they face, and the opportunities they are pursuing. We know their strengths and weaknesses. We work to develop their technical skills as well as their inter-personal skills. When they’re starting a new assignment, we council them on the client so they understand their business, the project or engagement, and what the expectation is for them to deliver and be successful. We also prepare them for the business culture. Not all businesses operate in the same manner. It’s important to be sure the consultant matches the culture.

Understand Your Business Objectives

A key differentiator for Berghuis & Hunt Account Executives is that we sincerely care about your business. We want to know what you do and how you do it. We keep current on your business by watching your stock prices, reading news events, meeting regularly with your Directors and Managers, and paying attention to your performance.

We know what your business culture is like. We know what types of consultants work best in your environment. We know what your current goals are. We understand what your biggest challenges are. We participate and are an active partner to you.

Regional Focus

Berghuis & Hunt has one office located in downtown Hopkins, Minnesota. It’s not fancy. It’s not elegant. It’s located above a beauty parlor. However, it is functional, keeps our overhead low, and is conveniently located for our staff.

We are all native Minnesotans. We live in Minnesota. We work in Minnesota. It’s as simple as that. Almost all of our consultants are local. A few have crept over the border to western Wisconsin and we are OK with that. Sometimes, we have to go “out of town” for a specialized skillset. Even then, we use our extensive local network to help us find the right resource.

If you’re from Minnesota, you realize that the Twin Cities Metro Area is pretty much a small town. Seven Degrees of Separation aren’t required in Minnesota. It usually takes about Two Degrees to find common ground.

We encourage you to ask your colleagues about us. It won’t take long to find someone who has worked with us in the past, or has a current relationship with us. We maintain long-term relationships with our customers and that pretty much says it all. We are here for your consulting needs in Minnesota.

We Are Not Software Vendor Affiliates

Our business is focused on using technology to solve business objectives. We are familiar with a lot of technology and a lot of software. However, we don’t sell software. We don’t support software companies. We help you use your vendors’ software to meet your business requirements.

We have a lot of experience with Oracle technology and software. In addition, have extensive experience integrating Oracle with many third-party applications such as Workday, Salesforce.com and Vertex, as well as providing SOA integration and BI/Data Warehousing solutions. We pay attention to what Oracle, SAP, Microsoft have to say. We attend their events so we stay current on their technologies and directions. We don’t sell software. We don’t get paid anything by any of them. We are as much customers of theirs as you are. We use their products to solve business requirements.


We have a very seasoned recruiting staff and methods of doing recruiting. Our main recruiter has 20 years of recruiting experience. Everyone in the business has done recruiting at some point. We are very collaborative in our approach to recruiting. We have many resources at our disposal to help verify experience, credentials and technical/functional skillsets. Background checks and drug screens are performed on all of our consultants.