Tammie Berghuis

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT, software and consulting industries. Tammie brings the unique perspective of having a great breadth of experience in both ERP and data warehousing applications. She has worked with multi-national organizations as well as small businesses in the manufacturing, services and construction industries. In addition to being a partner in Berghuis & Hunt, Tammie continues to provide management consulting services.

Tammie began her career in 1984 at Nielsen Marketing Research where she built and maintained data warehouses containing point of sale information for a variety of consumer packaged goods manufacturers. She continued gaining additional expertise in the data warehousing market when she joined Prodea Software in 1991. Prodea provided data warehousing software and services that allowed manufacturers to link their internal sales and inventory information with external point of sale information.

Tammie began her consulting experience as a Project Manager for US Satellite Broadcasting in 1994. This allowed her to expand into operational support for Financial, Marketing and Sales consumers of information. She joined the Fourth Shift ERP software company in 1996 to assist them with building a data warehouse product for their developing Objects message bus ERP system.

In 1998, she joined Valspar Corporation as the data warehouse Project Manager. Within a couple of years, she was involved in their large Oracle ERP implementations. When Tammie left Valspar in 2007 as Executive Director of IT, she was managing the global IT organization and was responsible for a $25+ million dollar budget. She was an active Oracle advocate both within Valspar and outside the company. Tammie partnered with the Oracle Process Manufacturing software development team to build a “make to order” application for process manufacturers. She also actively participated in Oracle Customer Advisory Boards and Special Interest Groups, and presented at several of Oracle’s user group meetings.

Tammie returned to the consulting market in 2007 as a Sales and Account Management Executive role at Traust Consulting. She was able to continue building her network of contacts throughout the Oracle Twin Cities market.

Tammie met Peter Hunt while she was at Valspar. Peter provided her with some of the best consultants available in the local market to assist in the global rollout of Oracle’s 11i applications. They continued to develop their partnership while at Traust. In 2008, they formed a separate partnership as S3 Consulting – later renamed Berghuis & Hunt Consulting, which is now the largest Oracle Applications-focused company in Minnesota.