Peter Young

Peter has been selling and delivering IT Consulting Services in Minnesota for Global IT Consulting firms for over 17 years. During that time, he has developed the reputation for delivering the right IT solution or consultant for his customers by understanding the business requirements, and ensuring the service solves the customer’s specific challenges. Over the years, Peter has served Fortune 100 companies as well as small and Mid Market accounts across a broad set of Services. These services include Oracle ERP, Business Intelligence, Program and Project Management, SOA, Database, IT Outsourcing and Application Development.

Peter began selling and delivering professional services in 1994 when he was the Upper Midwest Region Manager for an Agriculture Services firm. There he was responsible for selling, recruiting and managing the operations of 1000 seasonal labor employees across 5 states. Peter learned early in his career that it is critical to “find the right person the first time” to be successful in delivering professional services, especially with seasonal management and labor. Peter was seeking a more dynamic services industry so he jumped into Information Technology in 1996 as an Account Manager at Talent Software Services, a Minneapolis based consulting firm that focused on Oracle ERP, Database and BI consulting. This is where he met Peter Hunt.

When Peter Hunt met Peter Young at Talent Software Services, they soon realized that they had a couple of things in common: a commitment to customer service and the need to truly understand the details of how business and technology really work.

Said Peter Hunt, “When I first started recruiting, Peter Young would always ask me a ton of questions about each candidate I presented. When other sales reps just wanted to get any sort of resume in front of a client, Peter was emphatic that the candidates he presented to his customers really were the right fit. When I didn’t know the answers to his questions, Peter would make me go back and get them before he’d send the resume on to the client. He always understood not only the technology needs of his customers, but the business needs that were driving them.”

When Berghuis & Hunt needed to hire their first dedicated Account Manager it was a big decision. There are many sales people in the IT consulting industry who float around from company to company just trying to make a quick buck. That doesn’t work for a company that focuses on building relationships that span decades. We needed to find someone who had the same core values as Peter Hunt and Tammie Berghuis.

Today, at Berghuis & Hunt, Peter Young is following the mantra of the firm: fully understand the need of your client, find the right person with the skills and personality to fit that organizations needs, and continue to follow through on customer service for the long term. Relationships and customer service are our business.