Peter Hunt

Peter has worked in consulting since 1998. Over the years, he has garnered the reputation of “knowing everyone” in the Minnesota Oracle consulting market. He has worked with most of the companies in the state who run Oracle’s E-Business Suite. Peter’s ability to leverage this network is what sets him apart from his peers. It allows him to match consultants with clients not only from a technical and skills perspective, but also taking into account company cultures, management styles, work styles and personalities.

Peter started his consulting career when he joined Talent Software Services as a Technical Recruiter. This was during the heyday of ERP implementation to address the Y2K issue, and Talent was one of the major players in the Oracle consulting community at that time. Peter has always believed in creating value-based, long-term relationships with the people he works with. In fact, some of the consultants Peter hired at Talent continue to consult for him today.

In 1999, Peter left Talent and joined Webb IS, beginning with a dual role as both a Technical Recruiter and Account Manager. When he joined Webb IS, the company had one location and 30 employees. Within a year and a half, the company had grown to 130 employees in four states. Peter was instrumental in opening new branch offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Lakeland, Florida. In 2001, he was promoted to National Recruiting Manager, and maintained a hands-on role in both recruiting and account management.

In 2002, Peter started Hunt Professional Services. This was right after the dotcom bust and in the middle of a significant recession in the tech industry. It was at this time that he first met Tammie Berghuis, who was the Executive Director of IT at Valspar. Tammie needed an economical solution to upgrade their Oracle software from version 10.7 to 11i.

After meeting with Valspar, Peter assembled a team of consultants, both functional and technical, to provide Valspar the expertise on 11i that they lacked in-house. The project was completed in six months, and led to Valspar rolling out 11i across their enterprise. Peter staffed almost all of the consultants for these projects, with the exception of their international rollout.

In 2005, Peter accepted an equity position with Traust Group Inc. In addition to working in service delivery, Peter maintained hands-on roles as an account manager and technical recruiter. With his relationships within the Oracle community and his reputation for delivering, the Oracle consulting business he brought with him grew dramatically, eventually leading Traust to become one of the largest Oracle Applications-focused companies in Minnesota.

In 2008, Peter left Traust and started S3 Consulting with Tammie Berghuis. Peter and Tammie had both come to the realization that their clients were not looking for traditional, project-based consulting services. Rather, the market was looking for a provider that truly understands how Oracle Applications work, who knows the specific consultants in the market, and can work as a matchmaker between the two for a fair price. This model has proven itself to be very successful, as S3 Consulting – now Berghuis & Hunt – is one of the largest Oracle Applications-focused companies in Minnesota.